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17 Boulevard Morland - Architect : Albert Laprade

Board of directors

february 24th 2017
The association, comprised of 23 members, has appointed Claude Dargent as its Chairman. He has been the Paris City Councilor of the 15th district since 23 June 2014. 
The make up of this assembly conveys the will to set up a structure for studies and dialogue:


The City of Paris is represented by:

  • Ms.  Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris
  • Mr. Jean-Louis MISSIKA, Deputy Mayor of Paris responsible for urbanism, architecture, Grand Paris projects, the development of the economy and attractiveness
  • Mr. Patrick BLOCHE, Paris Councilor
  • Mr. Didier GUILLOT, Paris Councilor
  • Mr. Claude DARGENT, Paris Councilor
  • Mr. Jacques BAUDRIER, Paris Councilor, Councilor delegated as responsible for Architecture and Large Urban  Renewal Projects
  • Ms. Claire de CLERMONT-TONNERRE, Paris Councilor
  • Mr. Jérôme DUBUS, Paris Councilor

The  Department of Paris represented by Mr Christophe NAJDOVSKI, Deputy  Mayor of Paris responsible for Transport, roads, Travel and Public Space,treasurer of Apur.


The State is represented by:

  • The Minister of the Interior (represented by the Prefect of Île-de-France Region/ Prefect of Paris  or his representative),
  • The Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing (represented by the Regional and Inter-Departmental Directress of Public Amenities and Development in Île-de-France or herrepresentative),
  • The Minister of the Economy and Finance (represented by the  Regional Directress of Insee, National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies or her representative),
  • The Minister of Culture and Communication or her representative,
  • The Paris Police Prefect or his representative.
The Métropole du Grand Paris represented by Ms Valérie Mayer-Blimont (Metropolitan Councillor delegated by  the Chairman, Metropolitan Councillor, Deputy Mayor of Santeny) or her representative, Mr Olivier Klein (Vice-Chairman of Métropole du Grand Paris, Mayor of Clichy) or his representative, and Mr Ivan Itzkovitch (Metropolitan Councillor, Deputy Mayor of Rosny) or his representative.
La Société du Grand Paris represented by Ms Catherine Barbé, Manager of Strategic Partnerships, or her representative (member since 24 June 2015)
The Forum métropolitain du Grand Paris represented by its Chairman (also Vice-Chairman of Apur), or his representative.
The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry -CCI- represented by Mr Philippe Solignac, Chairman or his representative
The Paris Transport Authority -RATP- represented by Mr Raphaël René-Bazin, Managing Director of the Paris Development Agency, or his representative.
Le territoire Grand Paris Seine Ouest (T3) represented by Mr Pierre-Christophe Baguet,Chairman or his representative (member since 21st June 2016)
Le territoire Est Ensemble (T8) represented by Claude Ermogeni, Councillor of the Plaine du Canal de l’Ourcq, or his representative (member since 4 November 2015)
Le territoire Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre (T12) represented by Romain Marchand, First Vice-Chairman responsible for the Territorial Project or his representative (member since 4 November 2015)
The Parisian conurbation inter-departmental association for sanitation (SIAAP) represented by Pierre Bell-Lloch, Departmental Councillor, Vice-Chairman of SIAAP, or his representative (member since 1st January 2016)
The outer Paris inter-municipal energy and communication networks association (SIPPEREC) represented by Jacques JP Martin, Director, or his representative (member since 1st January 2016)
The Department of Public Highways and Transport - STIF represented by Laurent Probst, Managing Director, or her representative (member since 4 November 2015)
The household-waste collection and treatment syndicate -SYCTOM-, represented by Mr Hervé Marseille, Chairman, or his representative(member since 24 June 2015) 
Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP) represented by Mr Martin Hirsh, the Managing Director (member since 21st June 2016) 
The Caisse des dépôts représentée par François Elia, directeur régional adjoint Ile de France, ou son délégué (adhésion le 10 novembre 2016)
The Paris water company Eau de Paris represented by Régine Engström, Managing Director, or her representative (member since 4 November 2015)
The Ile-de-France public body for the development of universities (EPAURIF) represented by Thierry Duclaux, Managing Director, or his representative (member since 1st January 2016) 
The Grand Paris Aménagement represented by Mr Thierry Lajoie, Chief Executive Officer, or his representative (member since 24 June 2015)
The social housing body -Paris Habitat- represented by Mr Stéphane Dambrine, Chief Executive Officer, or his representative(member since 24 June 2015)
Ports de Paris represented by Régine Brehier, Managing Director, or his representative (member since 4 November 2015)
The French rail real-estate company -SNCF Immobilier- represented by Mr Emmanuel Dunand, Planning Director (SNCF Immobilier, Ile-de-France Managing Director), or  Ms Cécile Queille Managing Director of the social housing organisation ICF Habitat, or Ms Fadia Karam, Managing Director of the railway landholding organisation, Espaces Ferroviaires (member since 24 June 2015)  
In addition to this Claude Dargent has been appointed to represent Apur on the  National Federation of Urbanism Agencies, FNAU, committee.
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