Housing survey 2013: further contributions to the subject of housing conditions

Housing survey 2013: further contributions to the subject of housing conditions in Ile-de-France

july 5th 2016
In January 2016, Insee made the results of the latest “National Housing Survey” (2013) available. The regional boards of management of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the Regional and Inter-departmental Department of Accommodation and Housing (DRIHL) and the Ile-de- France Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Infrastructure and Development (DRIEA), the Ile-de-France Development and Urbanism Institute (IAU Ile-de-France) and Apur worked together to exploit the results. A collection of around fifty articles about the housing conditions of people in Ile-de-France will be published towards the end of 2016.
The aim of this collection is to inform the key-players involved in housing (elected representatives, developers, builders, social and private landlords) about the condition and occupancy of the housing stock (occupancy status, modern conveniences, state of repair, building work, young people, seniors, families, density, revenues, social subsidies…), housing costs for households and the way the housing market operates (housing expenditure, sales volumes, levels of rents and charges, energy and mobility costs, length of occupation, housing records…), about the opinions and wishes of households with regard to housing (opinions about the accommodation, the district, wishes and needs of households…).
The publication about housing conditions in households in Ile-de-France will ultimately have 4 chapters:
Chapter 1 – The housing stock and its key features 
Chapter 2 – The housing stock and its occupants 
Chapter 3 – Housing costs
Chapter 4 – The opinions of households concerning housing
The first downloadable articles deal with the occupational status of households, the comfort and size of housing units and the rents. They will be included in chapters 2 and 3 of the publication.
A new series of articles is due to be published next autumn.
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