A New Chairman for Paris Métropole

january 13th 2016
On 1st December 2015, at its plenary session, the Paris Metropole syndicate committee elected its new chairman.
Monsieur Patrick Jarry, Mayor of Nanterre took over from Monsieur Patrick Devedjian thus becoming Co-Chairman of the mission of planning the Greater Paris -Métropole du Grand Paris- along with the Regional Prefect Monsieur Jean-François Carenco.
In order to encourage political and territorial diversity in the metropolis the 51 members of the Council elect each year:
  • 1 Chairman elected by an absolute majority, with alternating politics at each renewal,
  • 1 First Vice-Chairman,
  • 15 Vice-Chairmen,
  • 34 other members. 
The mixed syndicate for studies’ missions deal with four main priorities:
  • Development and solidarity,
  • Mobility,
  • Housing,
  • Metropolitan projects.
Paris Métropole which brought together 93 municipalities when it was created in 2009, today has 212 territorial municipalities, groups of municipalities, departments and the region which represent 9,3 million inhabitants.
The committee was also an opportunity to make some changes to the syndicate statutes allowing it to broaden its fields of action.
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