Primer for the future of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, Notebook 1

Primer of the future of the Metropolis of Greater Paris -Grand Paris – Notebook 1 : thematic review of the situation

Publisher : Apur / IAU îdf september 2014 167 pages Reference : AP APU250 ISBN : 978-2-73711-931-6 Language : French
A to Z of Greater Paris -Grand Paris- Metropolis
The Primer of the future Metropolis of Greater Paris -Grand Paris- came out 15th September 2014.
An unprecedented documentary basis, bringing together over 120 up-to-date maps and detailed data about the territory in its role as an innovative metropolis on a global level;  the living environment of its inhabitants, the necessary solidarity and its potential to deal with the environmental challenges, are chosen themes of Paris Metropole representatives.
Compiled by Apur and the Ile de-France Urbanism and Development Institute IAU-idF, it is the first document to be published by the Pre-Planning Mission –Mission de Préfiguration-.  It contributes to the preliminary diagnosis as required by the law for the modernisation of public territorial action – MAPTAM.
A second volume has been published the January 23th, dedicated to examining the metropolis  in all its dimensions and presenting the future that is already committed to through activity carried out in the communes and territories. This notebook will also present the coordination of the future metropolis with the outer ring of suburbs and the larger Paris Basin, the role of urban services and their evolution. 
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