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2050 Map of Paris, climate, air and energy
Publisher : Apurnovember 20152 pagesISBN : 978-2-36089-012-5Language : French
Folded map format : 11/24 cm Unfolded map format : 72/143 cm     In the context of COP 21, the Paris Urbanism Agency published a collection of works, begun in 2013, that deals with climat...
Primer of the future of the Metropolis of Greater Paris – Grand Paris
Publisher : Apur / IAU îdfjanuary 2015208 pagesISBN : 978-2-73711-934-7Language : French
The Metropolis in all its dimensions and projects underway   The second notebook of the Primer of the future of the Metropolis of Greater Paris – Grand Paris -, put together by APUR and IAU Ile-...
Primer for the future of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, Notebook 1
Publisher : Apur / IAU îdfseptember 2014167 pagesReference : AP APU250ISBN : 978-2-73711-931-6Language : French
A to Z of Greater Paris -Grand Paris- Metropolis   The Primer of the future Metropolis of Greater Paris -Grand Paris- came out 15th September 2014. An unprecedented documentary basis, bringing...
Paris projet n° 43 - Atlas du Grand Paris 2013
Publisher : Apur / Wildprojectnovember 2013221 pagesReference : AP APU248ISBN : 978-2-918-490-296Language : French
“The Atlas has this quality, it reveals the shape of cities which have no shape yet nor name.” Italo Calvino, Les Villes Invisible, French edition published by Gallimard  
Paris projet n° 41-42 – Visible City Hidden Resources
july 2013247 pagesReference : AP APU245ISBN : 978-2-36089-001-9Language : French
Visible City Hidden Resources, the 41st/42nd issue of Paris Projet, explores the wealth and interactions of the city from top to bottom. This vast subject opens a new chapter in the history of the r...
Port de Solférino - Orsay Museum - Left Bank
Publisher : TextuelDistribution : Actes Sudseptember 2010160 pagesReference : AP APU235ISBN : 978-2-84597-384-8Languages : French, English
The first Paris Plage created a real sensation in 2002. The embankment roads, which had been “confiscated” by cars during the year, became a special leisure space to the inhabitants of the metropoli...
Phnom Penh – Growth and Transformation
november 2009160 pagesReference : AP APU232ISBN : 978-2-36089-000-2Languages : French, Kmer
Growth and Transformation, the fourth book resulting from the decentralised cooperation programmes between the cities of Paris and Phnom Penh backed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the...
A brief summary of the gamble of developing Greater Paris
Publisher : ApurDistribution : Apurmarch 2009136 pagesISBN : 978-2-900222-93-5Language : French
The Apur contributes to the debate with a brief summary of the work resulting from international consultation on “le grand pari(s) de l’agglomération parisienne”; the issues involved in developing t...
on the left: London Town Hall and on the right: Madrid - Paseo de la Castellana
december 2008135 pagesISBN : 978-2-900222-91-1Language : French
At a time when the metropolitan question is raised once again, it is important to stand back and take a look at Europe’s other big metropoles to appreciate how they are adapting their ways of govern...
21st Century Paris
november 2008Reference : APU225ISBN : 978-2-84742-125-5Language : French
21st Century Paris presents Paris on a sociological, economic and urban level. The overall aim is to provide a comprehensive assessment, highlighting the development prospects that are emerging for ...
Phnom Penh – northern bus station, departure point for passengers and cargo
november 200664 pagesReference : AP APU212ISBN : 978-2-900222-52-2Language : French
Traditionally, Paris and Phnom Penh maintain a close and friendly relationship. Since 2001, the two capital cities have given a fresh impetus to their cooperation. Projects have begun notably in the...
livre - tétière - Atlas de la Nature
october 2006288 pagesReference : AP APU211ISBN : 2-84742-092-4Language : French
Crickets in the metro, falcons at Notre-Dame, foxes in the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne, wild orchids on wasteland, wine-making and bee-keeping - Paris is also a city where nature is o...
Le Caire - le quartier de Sayeda Zeinab
december 200579 pagesReference : AP APU209ISBN : 2-900222-15-XLanguages : French, Arab
Greater Cairo is growing day by day. Its population is estimated to be nearly 16 million. At the same time, the old town, a Unesco listed World Heritage site since the beginning of the 1980’s, is st...
PP_36-37 - tétière - Renouvellement urbain et jeux olympiques
october 2005168 pagesISBN : 2-915578-70-2 / ISSN : 0294-8362Language : French
This issue presents the urban studies on Paris and the heart of the urban agglomeration that were carried out when the public interest group GIP Paris 2012 was preparing  the candidate file for Pari...
View over Paris from the parc de Belleville
october 2003208 pagesISBN : 2-910735-71-0Language : French
This publication presents the summary of analysis and forecasting studies produced by the Apur within the framework of its contribution to revising the “land-use plan” -Plan local d’urbanisme  -PLU-...
Livre - tétière - Phnom Penh, à l'aube du XXIe siècle
march 2003123 pagesReference : AP APU184ISBN : 2-900222-12-5
Phnom Penh at the dawn of the XXI century. Contributions to the definition of certain projects to improve the conditions of urban life.
Santiago - Chili : quartier de Santiago Poniente
january 2000216 pagesReference : AP APU159ISBN : 2-900222-11-7Languages : French, Spanish
Santiago Poniente: urban development and heritage Santiago Poniente : desarrollo urbano y patrimonio Since 1990, a redefinition policy has been implemented in the commune of Santiago, Chile, t...
Faubourg Saint-Antoine area: cour Delépine
july 1998196 pagesISBN : 2-910735-97-4Language : French
The new guidelines of the City of Paris urban development policy initiated at the beginning of the 1990’s and presented by the Mayor in his communication to the Paris City Council in April 1996, tak...
Livre - tétière - Phnom Penh, développement urbain et patrimoine
january 1997160 pagesReference : AP APU139ISBN : 2-900222-10-9Language : French
This work originated from the study of the architectural and urban heritage of Phnom Penh, carried out by the Apur upon the request of the Ministry of Culture and in agreement with the Cambodian aut...
the port de Tolbiac in 1989
september 1990199 pagesISBN : 2-910735-91-5Language : French
The studies on the Seine left bank area began in 1987. The way in which the plan was developed, the options retained, the various proposals and consultations are presented here.
The Forum des Halles - architect : Jean Willerval
october 1985216 pagesISBN : 2-910735-77-XLanguage : French
The Paris-Projet review started out with the development of Les Halles. Twenty years later, the project was completed. This number presents each element of the operation, describes how it progresse...
PP_23_24 - tétière - Paris Rome
january 1983352 pagesISBN : 2-910735-98-2Languages : French, Italian
Protection and enhancement  of the urban and architectural heritage in Rome and Paris.   Rome. A policy of intervention. Project for Rome Capital. Political project and urban project. Rome, the ...
PP_21-22 - tétière - Politique nouvelle de la rénovation urbaine
january 1982204 pagesISBN : 2-910735-73-7Language : French
In 1978, the City of Paris decided to totally redefine most of its actions in the field of urban development, breaking away from the urban planning of the 60’s and advocating a return to volumes bet...
PP_19_20 - tétière - Le schéma directeur d'aménagement et d'urbanisme de la vill
january 1980199 pagesISBN : 2-910735-72-9Language : French
The master plan for development and urban planning in the City of Paris –SDAU- was approved by decree dated 17th March 1977, when the new status of the City of Paris was implemented and its Mayor el...
Le bois de Vincennes - 1978
october 1978148 pagesISBN : 2-910735-57-5Language : French
PP_13-14 - tétière - Le règlement du POS et le paysage de Paris
october 1975152 pagesLanguage : French
At a time when the land-use plan –POS-, approved by the Paris Council on 19th December 1974, is going to be subject to a public enquiry, this article sets out the main rules defined in the land-use ...
maquette secteur Sud-Est - 1974
july 197496 pagesISBN : 2-910735-44-3Language : French
Also in the contents: London Docklands
PP 10-11 - tétière - L'avenir de Paris
january 1974128 pagesLanguage : French
Contents: The master plan for Paris The international vocation of Paris
PP-09 - tétière - La voie express rive gauche
april 1973104 pagesISBN : 2-910735-34-6Language : French
Also in the contents: Japan: expressways in Tokyo The Seine used for public transport?
PP_08 - tétière - Le forum des Halles
july 1972104 pagesISBN : 2-910735-29-XLanguage : French
PP_06 - tétière - Le 7e arrondissement
july 1971112 pagesLanguage : French
Also in the contents: Florence, Urbino, Bologna The wall in the city Tourism in Paris Development in Paris under Napoleon