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Observatory to prevent housing becoming run down in Paris - 2017 results
july 201717 pagesReference : AP BROAPU845Language : French
Following the completion of the 2002-2010 Reintegration of Substandard Housing Plan, the process of preventing housing from becoming dilapidated, begun in 2008, continues in Paris. Its aim is to pre...
17 Boulevard Morland - Architect : Albert Laprade
september 12th 2017
The association, comprised of 23 members, has appointed Claude Dargent as its Chairman. He has been the Paris City Councilor of the 15th district since 23 June 2014.   
Atlas of Parisian public space
january 2017Reference : AP BROAPU817Language : French
The Atlas of Parisian Public Space is a tool to be used by the City of Paris Pedestrian Strategy, the Participative Budget and Parisian Projects. It makes it possible to identify places to be develo...
Another kind of city
july 2017115 pagesReference : AP BROAPU847Language : French
The double expansion of both the digital revolution and citizen involvement leads to the emergence of new modes of action in the city. Public authorities develop tools to regenerate citizen particip...
Urban heat islands in Paris - Book n°4: climatic effects of ground surface cover
july 201734 pagesReference : AP BROAPU589(4)Language : French
Ground covering plays a crucial role in urban microclimatic phenomena. Depending on the urban situations in which they are used, they contribute in various ways to heat islands.  In order to underst...
38th National Meeting of Urbanism Agencies
From november 8th to november 11th 2017strasbourg, France
The National Federation of Urbanism Agencies and the Urban Development Agency of the Strasbourg Conglomeration is organising,  with their partners, the 38th National Meeting of Urbanism Agencies o...
A year with the Agency - 2016 Activity Report
july 10th 2017
2016 consolidated transformations instigated in 2015.    The Greater Paris administrative structure - Métropole du Grand Paris - joined the Board of Directors with 3 representatives. The terri...
Key-figures of 131 municipal Communes in Greater Paris
december 8th 2016
This tool, which describes statistics on communes and territories of the Parisian Metropolis of Grand Paris, responds to the demand of key players and citizens to be able to consult raw data thems...
Paris de l’avenir // Paris of the future
From october 12th to october 22nd 2017
On the program from 12th October: A General Public Conference  “Living carbon neutral, together for the climate!” In the Paris City Hall auditorium - 12th October at 14h   An exhibi...
17 Boulevard Morland - Architect : Albert Laprade
august 29th 2017
Apur is no profit association of :
City of Paris social housing -RIVP-
october 10th 2016
The law n°2004-809 passed on 13th August  2004 on local liberties and responsibilities planned the setting up of a Housing and Living Conditions Observatory within the framework of local housing pro...
The national engineering school and the Paris-Meudon Observatory
march 201756 pagesReference : AP BROAPU843Language : French
The COMUE (Community of universities and establishments) Paris Arts and Sciences - Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) - drew up its Real Estate Master Plan which aims to develop PSL in order to strengt...
The Paris Urbanism Agency (Apur), an association registered under the 1901 law, was created on 3rd June 1967 by the Paris City Council.   Apur’s missions are to document, analyse and develop for...
Publication of Terres d’Innovations (Lands of Innovation)
june 201784 pagesReference : AP APU262Language : French
In 2017 Station F is opening in Paris. It is the largest start-up incubator in the world and puts to new use over 34,000 m2 of the symbolic and historical site La Halle Freyssinet. An absolute cathe...
Low cost housing (HBM) on the outskirts of Paris - La Ceinture -
may 2017127 pagesReference : AP BROAPU837Language : French
HBM housing on the outskirts of Paris - La Ceinture- was built between the two World Wars. These social housing buildings lie along 17 km of Paris’ boundary, that is to say approximately half the di...
Singular places in Paris’ public space, a small scale strategy
march 201759 pagesReference : AP BROAPU832Language : French
Accompanying the Paris Pedestrian Strategy   In 2016 Apur’s work on public space studied the possibilities of developing new ways in which public space can be used based on the singularity of pl...
Parisian public spaces, new recreational facilities
september 201655 pagesReference : AP BROAPU788Language : French
Within the framework of partnership work programs and following on from studies on young people, mobility, developing activities , new uses and approaches to public space,  Apur has been looking at ...
Le bois de Vincennes - 1978
october 1978148 pagesISBN : 2-910735-57-5Language : French
june 6th 201718h30 à 20hla REcyclerie, 83 Boulevard Ornano, 75018 Paris, France
Why go to Trouville when one can dive into the River Seine? It is Paris City Hall’s project to make it possible for Parisians to swim in the river as an element of its bid for the 2014 Olympic Gam...