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17 Boulevard Morland - Architect : Albert Laprade
february 6th 2017
The association, comprised of 23 members, has appointed Claude Dargent as its Chairman. He has been the Paris City Councilor of the 15th district since 23 June 2014.   
17 Boulevard Morland - Architect : Albert Laprade
february 6th 2017
Apur is no profit association of :
Apur wishes you a Very Happy New Year 2017
december 19th 2016
The Paris Urbanism Agency, its Director, Claude Dargent, and all the team send their warmest wishes for 2017.    
Sous rubrique - bandeau - Observatoire / Prévention de la dégradation des immeub
december 12th 2016
This observatory takes over from the Observatory of Insalubrity which ceased to be operational in 2011, at the same time as its plan to reintegrate substandard housing reached its end.   The new...
december 8th 2016
Datavisualisation is a way of representing data visually, which can be in the form of graphic web components developed specifically to be dynamic and interactive and whose aim is to “tell” a story i...
A home for innovative and inclusive economies
october 14th 2016
The City of Paris launched “Les Canaux” (canals), the home of innovative and solidarity-based economies. This new hybrid site of social and inclusive economy is located on the embankments of the Bas...
Shops in Paris
october 12th 2016
To facilitate actions undertaken separately or in partnership in the field of commerce, the City of Paris, the Delegation of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry -CCIP-: and the Apur have a...
City of Paris social housing -RIVP-
october 10th 2016
The law n°2004-809 passed on 13th August  2004 on local liberties and responsibilities planned the setting up of a Housing and Living Conditions Observatory within the framework of local housing pro...
Visions of Grand Paris
september 6th 2016
The metropolitan area surrounding Paris is developing faster than ever and is experiencing a multitude of sometimes contradictory movements and phenomena which are changing its appearance and equi...
Partnership work programme 2016/2017
june 1st 2016
The Paris Urbanism Agency’s 2016/2017 partnership programme is committed to continuing the work already underway and supports the policies of Paris and the metropolis. The work on the database conti...
Map of inter-communalities in Ile-de-France
may 19th 2016
As part of the Association of Mayors of Ile-de-France  (Amif) exhibition on April 12th, 13th and 14th,  Apur updated the map of inter-communalities in Ile-de-France to January 1st 2016,  by adding...
Données disponibles en Open Data
april 11th 2016
Apur is partaking in the open data movement begun in 2014 by releasing new previously unpublished data via a new, more easily accessible platform. This platform offers a space for researching, ...
A new open data platform
april 11th 2016
The Paris Urbanism Agency opens its new open data platform releasing sixty-odd data sets at all scales and in areas on the periphery of Paris and in the Greater Paris -Grand Paris- Metropolis in...
Datavisualisation: Business records
march 21st 2016
The interactive tool “Business structure and its evolution -structure et évolutions commerciales-” allows users to consult business records by district.   The district records are presented base...
Review of work undertaken by Apur in 2015: filmed presentation
march 11th 2016
On January 19th - 20th, 2016,  Apur organised a presentation to its partners of the work it undertook in 2015 within the partnership work programme for that year, which was attended by almost 200 ...
A film to understand the Parisian Urbanism Agency data and methods
february 10th 2016
The “ESRI 2015 prize for geographical excellence” was awarded to Apur on 7th October this year. This prize comes as recognition for the quality mapping and GIS work that Apur has carried out over ...
Datavisualisation: district portraits
february 9th 2016
This new tool for describing statistics responds to the Parisians’ desire to be able to consult raw data of their own accord.   Around 70 key-figures are presented on themes such as, dem...
17 Boulevard Morland - Architect : Albert Laprade
january 14th 2016
Apur's annual budget is approximately 9 million Euros 90% of this sum is made up of subsidies from the partners and given for studies defined in the partnership work programme. 10% are self-g...