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Commercial networks continue to develop in Paris

Commercial networks continue to develop in Paris

august 2016 8 pages Reference : AP BROAPU776 Language : French
A total of 62,000 business premises in Paris were surveyed by the BDCom in June 2014 and 14,500 of these are established in the city at street-level.
They include a little under a quarter of the shops and commercial services in the capital (23%). The commercial surface area developed by these networks (1.8 million m²) is even more significant because it represents 43% of the total commercial surface area (29%) and commercial services (26%). The networks have seen a continual increase in their workforce over the past few years even though this slowed down recently in the period 2011 – 2014.
Will the recent creation of international tourist zones (ZTI) have an effect on the setting up of commercial networks in Paris?
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