Online Help

The Drupal Content Management System (CMS) was used to develop the website.


Hardware and software configuration

Browsers compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows environments.

The website is suitable for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768


The site will display best if the Corbel font is installed on your computer. If this is not the case, an alternative font will be displayed and the readability of the site might be reduced

It may be necessary to download plug-ins and add-ons to read certain content or multimedia applications:


The prime requirement was to make browsing as easy as possible:

  • Browsing with 3 clicks maximum
  • 3 menus to browse through:
    • the main menu on the left-hand side of the page, where you can find all the content proposed by the Apur, classified by category.
    • The menu at the top of the page gives access to all sections linking the user to the Apur.
    • The “footer” allows you to browse directly in all the categories when in the middle of an article.
  • A dynamic site plan
  • At the top of the article, the breadcrumb indicates what section of the website you are in.

Organisation of information


  • A homepage with lively and varied content that is updated several times per week: current information linked to urban planning, to Paris, the metropolis, the Number of the Month, the latest publications with a reminder of the most recent updates on the site.
  • A themed menu tree classifying the contents
  • Keywords (thesaurus), links “on the same subject” enabling you to browse between sections, articles, publications and other websites.


Two modules are available: a “full text” search mode or an extensive search.

  • Autocomplete is available in both types of search mode. By typing in some of the letters of the required word or phrase, this technique automatically provides you with corresponding content stored in the website’s database.
  • In “full-text” mode, the characters typed in are searched for throughout the content of the site, and in “publications” mode, it is possible to specify certain search constraints (for example, books only, date ranges, themes, etc.)



  • The red asterisks indicate the mandatory fields to be completed