Studies and publications

Studies and publications

Studies and Notes de 4 page can be downloaded free-of-charge (PDF file). The few studies that cannot be downloaded are obtainable in printed form from the Apur Publications Department.


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Atlas of Parisian public space
january 2017Reference : AP BROAPU817Language : French
The Atlas of Parisian Public Space is a tool to be used by the City of Paris Pedestrian Strategy, the Participative Budget and Parisian Projects. It makes it possible to identify places to be develo...
The pace of life in public space
january 201725 pagesReference : AP BROAPU814Language : French
This study explores a time related approach to public space in order to identify the main rhythms of how it is used. It is a valuable addition to the very varied work that Apur coordinates on public...
In Paris, one salaried job out of five is in an international tourist zone
january 20174 pagesReference : AP BROAPU813Language : French
Since 2015, Paris has formed twelve international tourist zones effected by shops opening on Sundays and late at night.