Studies and publications

Studies and publications

Studies and Notes de 4 page can be downloaded free-of-charge (PDF file). The few studies that cannot be downloaded are obtainable in printed form from the Apur Publications Department.


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Paris-Yangon Urban Cooperation
december 201626 pagesLanguage : French
Mission Report 31  October - 4  November 2016   On 24  August 2016, during his first visit to Europe, Mr Phyo Min Thein, Chief Minister of Yangon, signed a friendship and cooperation agreement w...
The Parisian ring road at the centre of the metropolis
november 201616 pagesReference : AP BROAPU791Language : French
The motorway and main road network play a key role in ensuring the mobility and economic attractivity of the metropolis. But questions are being raised about its urban and environmental integration ...
Population, housing, employment – Part 1: the population in 2013
october 201633 pagesReference : AP BROAPU795Language : French
On 1st January, 2013, the population of the Greater Paris Metropolis - Métropole du Grand Paris was 6,968,051 compared with the 2008 figure of 6,814,588. The metropolitan population had therefore in...