Studies and publications

Studies and publications

Studies and Notes de 4 page can be downloaded free-of-charge (PDF file). The few studies that cannot be downloaded are obtainable in printed form from the Apur Publications Department.


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Coopération décentralisée Paris-Phnom Penh, 2016-2018
may 201723 pagesReference : AP BROAPU833Language : French
Institutional support and assistance in mastering urban development - 12 to 15 December 2016 mission report   The City of Paris and the Municipality of Phnom Penh have maintained an ongoing dece...
Low cost housing (HBM) on the outskirts of Paris - La Ceinture -
may 2017127 pagesReference : AP BROAPU837Language : French
HBM housing on the outskirts of Paris - La Ceinture- was built between the two World Wars. These social housing buildings lie along 17 km of Paris’ boundary, that is to say approximately half the di...
Parisian youth at job centres for the young -Mission Locale de Paris-
april 201725 pagesLanguage : French
In 2016, the Mission Locale de Paris accompanied 18,960 young people aged between 16 and 26,  that is 6% of Paris’ young population. Half of those received during the year were registering for the f...