Care for infants in Paris – The present situation  and future developments

Care for infants in Paris – The present situation and future developments

january 2014 34 pages Reference : AP BROAPU631 Language : French
The Paris urbanism agency, Apur, carried out a study in the context of its partnership programme, on families' infant child-minding needs and practices.
The study is based on available data providing figures concerning infants (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, Insee, and the French Social Security and Child Benefit Office, CAF de Paris) as well as in depth interviews with approximately 25 families and an extensive survey carried out with 800 Parisian families.
It brought to light the size of the offer available in Paris which has grown a lot in recent years putting Paris in first place among the Departments of France for the number of places in infant daycare centres for 100  children aged under 3 years old. For the needs still to be provided for, the study proposes a new approach which aims to equip all Paris districts with a minimum number of places in infant daycare centres, while taking into account the use of other types of childcare.
The qualitative surveys which complete the quantitative section bring to light a  demand for  information which more clearly defines the choices available to families, a better structured framework for individual child-minding services and a demand for flexibility between the different types of care on offer.
Apart from these elements, it appears that a large percentage of low income families do not take advantage of infant daycare centre options, sometimes because they don't know about the system or through auto-exclusion linked to cultural differences.
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