The taste of the landscape by Alexandre Chemetoff

Biennial poster "The taste of the landscape"

The taste of the landscape is that of the amateurs, but it is also the one described by Brillat-Savarin and that everyone appreciates in his own way by eating and drinking. One can have a taste for landscapes and enjoy contemplating, representing and shaping them, but landscapes also have a taste, the taste of the fruits of the earth. The beautiful landscapes are also good landscapes.

The taste of the landscape is a recreation, a parenthesis made of meetings and exchanges. but it is also a testimony, a position and a plea.

Two trivial questions that, until yesterday, passed for a lack of conversation, "what do we eat tonight?" And what's the weather like tomorrow? Have become for each of us and even for those who defend themselves, essential and vital.

The taste of the landscape is an invitation, in the Potager du Roi, a place of production, experimentation, acclimatization, composition and transmission, to share terrestrial foods, thinking about the future of landscapes, towns and villages. campaigns that have a common destiny.

An exhibition in the Pavillon des Suisses features scenes from 24 peasant-producers and their estates in Île-de-France, plus the King's Potagery in Versailles.

Farmers-producers exposed and others, market gardeners, vine growers, bakers, cheese makers, but also cooks, urban planners, architects, artists and landscape designers, are invited at the time of the market; both of them feed the conversation in their own way. Some bringing their products for sale on the Small Market, others by accommodating or representing them. everyone tastes the landscape, from taste to landscape and from landscape to taste.

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