Access to social housing in Paris: what are the applicants’ characteristics?

May 2020, last updated 21 March 2023
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Latest data. Over 251,500 households were listed as applicants for social housing at the end of 2021. 

Interactive application "Access to social housing in Paris" © Apur - mockupworld/Mark Thomas

Access the application.

For many years in its role of accompanying the City of Paris, Apur has analysed the demand for social housing. In 2019, a new tool is proposed for describing the characteristics of social housing applicants via a system of cross database requests. The results appear in the form of a histogram which can be consulted or recovered by exporting the data to Excel.

The application can thus provides, for example, quantified answers to the following questions: how many housing applicants are there in Paris or in a given neighbourhood? What is the proportion, among Parisian applicants, of households in the first family income quartile as specified by the 2016 Equality and Citizenship Law? Are many applicants on the waiting list for over 10 years?

The graphic below gives access to the various “Access to social housing” studies carried out by Apur since 2004, by clicking on the relevant year.