Atlas of Parisian Street Furniture

On the occasion of the publication of the Atlas of Parisian Street Furniture, Apur has designed a new interactive tool enabling users to select certain types of street furniture and to see where they are placed and their network in Paris.

Atlas of Parisian Street Furniture © Apur

Access to the interactive map application.

You can select one or more items of street furniture : benches, Wallace fountains, other fountains, news stands, second-hand book stands, Sanisette® public toilets, other public toilets, litter bins, waste-recycling bins, Guimard metro stations, other metro stations, bus stops, taxi ranks, tramway stops, sports equipment, Morris columns,  MUPI street furniture providing information, flagpoles, “History of Paris“ signs, stylised street lighting, modern street lights, electric vehicle recharge points, electrical cabinets, directional signs, traffic lights, road signs, barriers, bollards and urban boundary markers.

The street furniture data can be updated to accord with surveys carried out.

For more information, you can download the Street Furniture Atlas and find a map of each type of furniture and network accompanied by a description.


Documents to download

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    Poster of the Parisian Street Furniture Atlas

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    Key figures of the Parisian Street Furniture Atlas

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