Centre for Solidarity-based and Innovating Economies

Extract of the interactive map : the key-players in innovative and inclusive economies © Ville de Paris / Apur 2016

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Les Canaux, Centre for Solidarity-based and Innovating Economies, a City of Paris initiative, federates all economic key players who put solidarity and the protection of the planet at the heart of their project. The association acts as a catalyst, enabling people to meet and for synergies to form between the different institutional and economic players. Les Canaux brings as many solutions as development opportunities to the members of its community.

As a follow on from the study carried out by Apur in 2015 on new economies, an interactive map showing a thousand solidarity-based and innovating key players from Grand Paris active on the following themes: fair trade, solidarity services, networks and communities, collaborative services, circular economies, solidarity finance and urban agriculture.

This tool is intended to facilitate the sharing of experience and to put key players in contact with each other but also to render this community more visible to the public eye.

To be included in this dynamic map please send an email specifying the following information:

  • Chosen category
  • Name of structure
  • Address of structure
  • Name of the director
  • Email address and telephone number of the director
  • Web-site