The circular railway line in Paris - La Petite Ceinture

Interactive map of the circular railway line in Paris - La Petite Ceinture - © Apur

In 2017, the - Petite Ceinture - remained a unique space within the Parisian landscape, playing a role in the history of the city, rooted in the collective imagination, both mysterious and preserved, as well as fragile and much sought after.
Impregnated with its railway history and a haven for nature, a strong dynamic is in full swing in this space which is continuing and expanding upon previous initiatives to manage landholdings ecologically through work reinsertion projects, set up shared gardens and nature trails and to renovate disused passenger railway stations.
This interactive map makes it possible to merge the visons of all key players and users of this extraordinary site in the heart of the Parisian metropolis. It shows the potential for developing each stretch of the line depending on its specific characteristics and urban environment and the surrounding trends underway. It brings together data on all the known aspects of the site: topographical, land, regulatory, uses and practices present (shops, centres, mobility, etc.) data on biodiversity and the ecological quality, historical and heritage data, existing and future access.  
Out of its 32 kilometres which encircle Paris, about twenty of them have progressively been taken in hand by the City of Paris and managed respecting the City of Paris-SNCF protocol framework of 17th June 2015.
The participatory budgeting project to repossess the disused railway line, - La Fabrique Collective de la Petite Ceinture -, began its active phase this spring 2017 with 9 sites named  “stations” , in 9 districts through which the railway line runs. Three multidisciplinary teams are accompanying this participative approach in the field.
All the documents assembles here, thanks to the partnership between APUR, SNCF-Réseau, SNCF-immobilier and the City of Paris, make a variety of resources with multiple aspects available to as many people as possible: the institutional framework of SNCF and the City of Paris, the projects underway, technical and scientific information, the integration into the Parisian and metropolitan territory…
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