Construction periods of Parisian roads

Construction periods of Parisian roads © Apur

Just as the road network organises the national and European territory and enables it to function, so the Parisian road, avenue and boulevard network administers and ensures the functioning of the city. It serves all areas, land plots and buildings.

It is made up of a continuous network of roads established over the centuries, which has been enriched during each period as the urbanised territory spread, with the transformation of roads and paths into streets and boulevards, by the division of large land plots and housing schemes, the creation of new roads which densify the existing networks and particularly the laying of avenues and boulevards through private land.

The network of public roads in Paris is therefore, without a doubt, the oldest and most permanent element in the long history of the city. It forms the most fundamental legacy that each epoch bequeaths to the next. Each historical period can be seen in these places. In recent years the creation of roads and pedestrian walkways has for the main part been carried out in connection with urban projects: Paris Left Bank - Paris Rive Gauche -, Chapelle International, Clichy Batignolles.


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