Developments in social housing in Paris

December 2014, last updated 07 January 2021
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An interactive tool to assess the development of the number of social housing units in Paris that comply with the Urban Solidarity and Renewal Law - loi SRU - during the period 2001-2019.

Developments in social housing in Paris © Apur

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Apur proposes a tool that makes it possible to see the evolution of the number of social housing units, as defined by the SRU law, in Paris and in each district during the period 2001-2019 (based on official counts available). As a reminder, social housing units as defined by the SRU law are counted each year by the State and the City of Paris. The law fixes the objective of Paris having 25% of rented social housing among main residences, to be reached at the latest by 2025. On 1st January 2019 (last officiel count available), 21.4% of Parisian main residences were social housing as defined by the SRU law. This percentage was 13.44% on 1st January 2001, the first year of the SRU law being implemented.

The tool also gives access to the location of all social housing production operations financed between 2001 and 2018. During this period, over 104,484 social housing units were financed in Paris, 6,257 of which were new social housing units in 2018 alone.

This tool will be updated each time a new version of relavent data is available. For more comfort when using the tool, Firefox or Chrome should be used.