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A new version of the application is coming in 2021, please refer to the environmental data available in Open Data.

Map extract “environmental data”

This interactive map proposes a geographical, environmental approach to the Ile-de-France territory via interactive and intuitive surfing through the “layers” by superimposing high resolution maps of land use, thermography, geology and relief with geographic reference data (administrative limits, roads, metro lines, registered land plots, built up land holdings, addresses). 

Since 2005 Apur has exploited very high definition aerial photos to establish a detailed, all inclusive and connected coverage of a vast territory (4,000 km²) which shows how the land is used,distinguishes the mineral from the plant-life and calculates the level of the vegetation by strata enabling one to identify lawns, bushes and trees. Another layer makes it possible to see the different relief levels simultaneously. The Apur Note n°105 (April 2016) permits one to understand this rich data on vegetation better

The data on height (Digital Elevation Model / Digital Terrain Model) and its processing with GIS analysis tools also make it possible to calculate the hours of sunshine on the whole of the Parisian territory. Each pixel translates the quantity of solar energy received into Kwh/m²/per year. This information, called “Solar Registry - Cadastre solaire” is comprised of two layers: one detailed version in image format and one simplified version where the sunshine information is directly linked to built up land plots. 

Also available on the application are thermograms of Paris during the summer and winter. 

Sources to these data are as follows:

  • 2012 Orthophotograph, land use and vegetation: InterAtlas, Apur
  • Relief levels and contour lines: InterAtlas, Apur 
  • Winter and summer thermography: Landsat 
  • Geological map: BRGM
  • Solar registry: Apur


Please note: this application was previously called CASSINI: Environment”


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