Flexible project cooperation in Greater Paris - Grand Paris -

Flexible project cooperation in Greater Paris - Grand Paris - © Apur

Flexible cooperation on projects is a form of cooperation between municipal communes with a low degree of institutionalisation, possibly involving other partners, which enables them to  share their thoughts and approaches and/or projects beyond institutional boundaries.

This new, non-exhaustive map of flexible cooperation on projects in Grand Paris illustrates the changes that partnerships have undergone over the past few years, since the territorial reform was implemented.

Two types of cooperation can be distinguished. On the one hand, cooperation formed around territorial developments or transport dynamics, which precede or accompany projects which are to be accomplished (for example the extension of metro lines). On the other hand, there is cooperation which is above all a dynamic of exchange around a common subject and can be part of a longer time frame with no institutional structure (for example Arc de l’Innovation).

During the recent period, certain cooperative ventures have been completed, their initial partnership objective having been achieved, others are dormant, while still others have been created. Among the new initiatives, we can cite as examples, the cooperation around the the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Boulevard Périphérique workshops, and the swimming area in the rivers Seine and Marne. On a wider scale, numerous more or less institutionalised cooperative ventures are being implemented along the Seine Axis.


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