A fresh look at the economy in Paris

Datavisualisation extract of the location of services generated by new economic models © Apur

Datavisualisation access

As part of of the study “A fresh look at the economy / new economic models: circular, collaborative, social and inclusive”, an initial survey of these new consumer services has been carried out.
They were organised under the following headings: Consumers and Small Farmers Associations (AMAP), Bakers, Communal gardens, Work cooperatives, Coworking, Fab Labs, Hacker spaces, Skills swaps, Recycling centres and Hotels/restaurants.
This datavisualisation has made it possible to pinpoint their location, identify them and sort them into categories.
An examination of their geographical location shows that in time they could become a positive indicator of territorial economic development: they have mainly become established in the east-central area of the metropolis.
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