Heritage - Constructions protected by the state

Heritage - Constructions protected by the state © Apur

The map “Heritage - Constructions protected by the state” shows buildings and their surrounding areas which are protected as Historical monuments (MH), buildings and housing estates certified as Remarkable Contemporary Architecture (ACR), that which is under municipal protection (PLU), protected sites and remarkable national heritage sites (SPR).

The database that enabled the map to be put together is open data (opendata.apur.org) and was created by:

  • exploiting the Ministry of Culture’s  “Merimée” base via “The Heritage Atlas” (Unesco data for protected world heritage / State-Ministry of Culture data on an Ecological and Inclusive Transition for protected sites at a national level).
  • including information gathered on municipally protected constructions that come under the Local Urbanism Plan (PLU);
  • using specific work carried out by Apur on “20th Century listed housing estates (ACR), drawn from the “Album of listed 20th Century National Heritage” (source: DRAC Ile-de-France). These complete the ACR buildings and complexes in the  Ministry of Culture “Mérimée” database: while updating of the base in 2018, Apur added specific data to relavent buildings taken from the IAU-IDF open data;   
  • a particular way of assembling garden-city buildings which was carried out using data from different sources: 2012 map of Ile-de-France garden cities; the IAU-IDF 2013 Notebook n° 165,  “Garden cities an ideal to be pursued”; “Social housing an asset for Val-de-Marne”, 2006, Published by Hartmann; “Garden cities in north-east Parisian suburbs”, 2007, published by Le Moniteur: “Paris-Suburbs  1919-1939 Domestic Architecture”, 1986, published by Dunod.


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    Heritage - Constructions protected by the state

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