Hotels established in the Parisian metropolis

Interactive map of hotels established in the Parisian metropolis 2016 © Apur

Discover the interactive map of hotels established in Paris and its metropolis

Today there are over 110,000 hotel rooms in Paris and its metropolis - Métropole du Grand Paris, 80,000 of these are within Paris itself. In a context where available land is becoming rare and hotel accommodation saturated, Paris&Co and Apur have set up a tool to aid in the decision making involved in identifying and listing new sites for establishing hotels.

The interactive map gives a precise picture of potential sites available, and the different facilities nearby so that project initiators can look at the possibilities on offer on each site.

Made in collaboration with the metropolitan territorial representatives, the Val-de-Marne Development Agency, the 3 Departmental Tourism Committees (Hauts-de-Seine, Seine- Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne), the map indicates all the existing hotel facilities, hotel projects and available sites. With the map being interactive and evolving it is possible to combine data on facilities that already exist (transport, museums, etc.) and those in the future (new stations on the Grand Paris Express network, sports and cultural facilities, tourist sites, etc.). As well as places of economic interest (job centres, business tourism, etc.).

Since 2008 a Parisian hotel plan has been put in place to increase the accommodation capacity by 7,000 rooms by 2020. This tool underlines the metropolitan dimension of the hotel plan to ensure better coordination and greater visibility at an international level.


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