Managing Greater Paris - Grand Paris - sanitation networks

In connection to the launch of the website, by the key players of Ile-de-France sanitation, Apur has published an interactive map that enables users to identify the manager of the sanitation network on the scale of land plots, in order to check the conformity of a building’s connection to the sanitation system.

Mock-up Managing Greater Paris - Grand Paris - sanitation networks © Apur

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The conformity of connections is a legal obligation which means that private wastewater pipes are correctly separated from rain water pipes and correctly connected to public sanitation networks. Otherwise, an erroneous connection means that wastewater flows into rainwater systems which then ends up in watercourses, without any sort of depolluting treatment. The environmental impact of misconnections is enormous, because wastewater from toilets, showers etc. ends up in the environment. 

Improving the conformity of connections is therefore one of the challenges identified for limiting polluted water being discharged into watercourses and thus improve their quality. In addition to the objective of making it possible to swim in the rivers Seine and Marne during the  2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it is also one of the levers for reducing resource consumption and promoting biodiversity.

The main objective of the website is to make users aware of the environmental and health impact of connection errors and to explain the current regulations in force, to remind them of the available financial aid for work to render systems which conform and to give the contact details of sanitation network managers who can be contacted to check and correct the compliance of connections.

The purpose of this interactive map, available on both the and Apur websites and made by Apur in conjunction with the Syndicat interdépartemental pour l'assainissement francilien (SIAAP) and other players in Ile-de-France sanitation, is to permit users to have all the information needed for initiating their own checking process: identification of a land plot’s type of connection (combined or separate), the name and contact details of the network manager to be contacted, and even, when possible, a direct link to the form or webpage for requesting that a conformity diagnosis be carried out.


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