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For the occasion of COP 21, the Paris Agency of Urbanism is publishing a collection of work on projects undertaken since 2013 concerning climate, air quality and energy plans for Paris and the metropolis.  Among which, a datavisualisation or interactive map accompanying the Local Energy Plan and the “Paris 2050” map, giving a graphic display of the energy challenges across Paris and 3 departments of the Petite Couronne, the inner ring of suburbs, surrounding Paris.

The main map permits the visualisation of poolable resources such as heating networks and the potential thermal exchanges between buildings with the identification of different construction typologies (individual houses, apartment buildings, service sector and industrial buildings). Different tabs will enable a fuller understanding of the local issues, both in terms of consumption in the residential sector and in the potential development linked to minimal geothermal resources (open or closed), solar energy, and the prospects of the densification and extension of heating networks.
During 2016, these map features will extend to the 7 communes of the Métropole du Grand Paris situated today outside of the borders shown here. This first version of the interactive map on energy will undergo a major update integrating data at a finer scale.


Interactive mapping

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