Paris, London, New York: indicators, cartographic comparisons

Two apps using a selection of statistical data to compare the three metropolises.

Paris, London, New York: indicators, cartographic comparisons © Apur

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This work is the continuation of a study carried out by Apur in 2015, in collaboration with the students at Science-po Paris doing an MA in “Governing the Large Metropolis”, which brought to light the limits of existing large international comparative surveys and recommended the drawing up of indicators allowing Paris to reach the benchmark set by global metropolises.

The benchmark tool that has been developed includes two interfaces: a fine-scale cartographic interface and a dynamic computer graphic making it possible to draw up one’s own benchmark based on pre-selected indicators.

Wanting to be completely transparent with the data involved, Apur made a detailed selection of indicators to ensure their comparability (field, scale, date..) and reproduced the methodology it used.

This initial selection of indicators is bound to be widened. At this stage, only data available in open data on public statistics sites in the three countries, have been taken into account.