The territorial diagnosis of the Paris Local Urbanism Plan - PLU -

April 2021, last updated 09 November 2021
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The revision of the Paris PLU was initiated following the deliberation of the Paris City Council in December 2020. Apur, which is accompanying the City of Paris throughout the study and consultation process up to the new bioclimatic PLU coming into force, produced the territorial diagnosis. 

Mock-up - The territorial diagnosis of the Paris Local Urbanism Plan - PLU - © Apur

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Based on more than 100 maps, with accompanying information, on the scale of districts, which address all the themes presenting issues linked to the development of urban space, the territorial diagnosis presents the state of play on the territory in 2020, its assets, its limits and its evolution since the last revision in 2006.

The territorial diagnosis is presented in 5 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - General data, summarising the Parisian scale of the diagnosis, with two maps.
  • Chapter 2 - Socio-demographic approach, summarised in three parts: population, living environment, economic activities and employment.
  • Chapter 3 - Local life, presenting facilities and green spaces, mobility and public space, and concludes with centralities and places of urban life.
  • Chapter 4 - Environmental approach, including numerous topics, is presented under four themes which summarise the major issues: the presence of vegetation, the role and place of water and ground permeability, the risk that Paris faces of urban heat islands and pollutions and finally energy and networks which enable the city to function.
  • Chapter 5 - Urban context, is summarised by urban fabrics, built-up density and the major transformations in Paris since the 2006 Local Urbanism Plan was adopted.

Parisians were able to express their comments on the diagnosis, which is accessible on the City of Paris website - Revision of the Local Urbanism Plan: Diagnosis - The first stage of consultation from 12th April to 16th July 2021, (Révision du Plan Local d'Urbanisme: Diagnostic - Le diagnostic, première étape de concertation du 12 avril au 16 juillet 2021). 

During this first consultation, Apur produced a summary of the territorial diagnosis for each district of Paris, which was presented at the public concertation meetings, to enable all those present to be informed, to express themselves, to exchange and to contribute. 

Each summary presents a selection of documents from the diagnosis making it easy to read quickly. In addition, it has been distributed in printable format to the district Municipal Halls to facilitate it being read. 

In the continuation of this work, a general diagnosis preliminary to the revision of the Paris Local Urbanism Plan -  PLU - was drawn up. It forms a contribution to the general diagnosis which covers the whole of Paris and which could form the basis of the presentation report of the future Paris Bioclimatic Local Urbanism Plan.