Uses of public space in Paris

Uses of public space in Paris © Apur

Parisian pavements are used extensively by the 3.5 million people in the city each day.

The most popular pedestrians areas are mainly concentrated in central Paris, Parisian railway station neighbourhoods, the major tourist attractions such as Montmartre, the Champs-Élysées and the Champ-de-Mars as well as the busy local shopping streets found in each district.
Paris has more than 2,300 km of pavements of varying widths. 16% of these pavements (366 km) are narrower than 1.8 m and are therefore not yet adapted to the requirements of the plan to render roads accessible and to develop public space - Plan de mise en accessibilité de la voirie et des aménagements des espaces publics - (PAVE). Notably, 118 km, i.e. 5% of Parisian pavements are under 1.40 m wide, presenting difficulties for people in wheelchairs. Nearly 46% of Parisian pavements are less than 2.8 m wide, the width recommended during lockdown to allow for physical distancing between people passing each other.


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