10th January 2019 - Data Portraits of communes (municipalities) and territories of the Greater Paris - Métropole du Grand Paris

Demography, economy, living environment… Apur offers access to over 70 indicators grouped under 6 themes, taken from about twenty statistical sources. By using datavisualisation and descriptive files, this tool allows one to see the long and short term evolution of communes and territories and to make comparisons.

Data Portraits des communes et territoires de la Métropole du Grand Paris © Apur

In order to heighten awareness of Métropole du Grand Paris, its territories and 131 communes of the Metropolis, Apur has set up a datavisualisation as well as a series of descriptive files constructed around key indicators organised under 6 themes: Demography-Society, Households-Family, Housing-Living conditions, Unemployment-Integration, Economy-Employment and the Living Environment.

Each indicator provides the relevant figures involved, rates of progress and evolutive data covering a period of 5 years. It is also possible to compare results putting them into perspective with other scales (territorial or metropolitan for example).

The datavisualisation
An online datavisualisation on the Apur site enables one to go further. A simplified, graphic interface offers the visualisation of dynamics underway and the comparison of numerous communes and territories using a selection of indicators. Access to the datavisualisation.

Twenty-two statistical sources are exploited among which is the Insee census but also sources related to the economy and commerce (the job centre -Pôle emploi-, the annual statement of social data -DADS-, the business index -Sirene-), housing (social housing index -RPLS-, Ministry of Housing - Ministère du logement-, Regional and Interdepartmental Housing and Accommodation Department -Drihl-), demography and society (civil status, Social Security and Child Benefit office -Cnaf-, tax and social studies organisation -Filosofi-), health (Regional Health Agency -ARS-), the environment (Fire Brigade -BSPP-, air quality watch -AirParif-) and transport (Île-de-France public transport company -IDF Mobilité-, previously -Stif-). Online Study in french.

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  • 10th January 2019 - Data Portraits of communes (municipalities) and territories of the Greater Paris - Métropole du Grand Paris

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