1997-2011 Parisian social health indicator

1997-2011 Parisian social health indicator
This note gives an account of the updating of the Parisian Social Health Index for 2010 and the leading indicator for 2011. As a result of the economic situation the Parisian Social Health Index declined between 2008 and 2011. However, health and education indicators maintained an upward trend, unemployment rose more slowly than national and regional predictions, contrasting with rents in Paris which continued to rise more quickly than income levels.
The index for social health calculated by Apur is based on the regional social health index, ISSR, reworked and adapted to the Parisian territory. It forms a synthesis of a collection of social cues dealing with health, housing, employment, minimum social security benefits, the territory and over-indebtedness. A first publication of this work came out in 2011.
This note proposes an update as part of the follow-on of the initial work with some improvements made in the choice of indicators. This was decided upon in collaboration with the specialised work group organised by the Information Mission on Poverty and Social Exclusion, Mipes.
12 indicators were developed and recently updated for the period 1997-2010. However,  the evolution of this 13 year period is only partial, since out of the 12 items which make up the ISS, 6 have been available since 1997, 2 since 1999, 1 since 2000 and 3 since 2001.
In order to input recent development trends concerning the current period, the ISS was partially updated for 2011: it was possible to update 5 out of 12 indicators by 31st December 2011. 


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