2018 News on commerce in Paris - Note BDRUES 2018

Approximately 1 out of every 2 ground floor premises on Parisian streets have been surveyed in order to identify the most recent developments in commerce.

©Apur – JC Bonijol

The analysis of changes among ground floor commercial businesses on 84 Paris streets encompasses 15,539 premises and reveals a strong dynamic made up of a varied commercial offer with some streets tending particularly towards food, others proposing goods for a local clientele, others drawing customers from a wider, inter-district areas while certain streets attract regional, national and foreign customers.

6.6% of the premises on the 84 streets examined by BDRues in June 2018 were found to be vacant compared with 9.3% in Paris as a whole. Commercial networks are over-represented with a proportion of 35% as against 24% in Paris as a whole, finally the numerous businesses and trade-marks found are proof of the great commercial vitality on these streets.

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    2018 News on commerce in Paris - Note BDRUES 2018

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