2022 news on retail trade in Paris - BDRues 2022

Nearly one out of five ground floor premises on Parisian streets were surveyed in March 2022 in order to identify the most recent commercial developments after the long period if instability caused by the Covid-19 health crisis.

Rue de Rivoli (1st district) © Apur - Bruno Bouvier

Since October 2020, the changes have varied depending on the sectors of activity and the profile of different streets, the local attractiveness, the neighbourhood, if they cater for a Parisian or international clientèle. However, one can observe that the food sector has continued to grow very fast while the number of personal goods outlets has declined sharply. One can also see a reversal of the downward trend in the the health and beauty sector while the number of bars and restaurants has remained stable.

The rate of vacant premises was 9.4% on the 84 streets of the BDRues in March 2022 compared with 10.5% in the whole of Paris in October 2020. Attractive local streets registered a very low rate of vacancy (6% in 2022), while very attractive streets, some of which have an international clientele have experienced a sharp increase in vacancy, reaching 16% in 2022.

Infographie - Actualité 2022 sur le commerce à Paris - Note BDRues 2022


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