The 2024 Olympic Games, leverage for urban development in Greater Paris -Grand Paris-

The 12th Biennial of European Cities and Urban Planners, organised by the European Council of Spacial Planners -Conseil Européen des Urbanistes - , addressed the theme “ Cities and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, feedback and future, how can world events benefit the hosting populations?”.

View of the Olympic Village seen from the River Seine  © Paris 2024 – Luxigon – DPA

Patricia Pelloux, the Deputy Managing Director of Apur, previously Head of Sites and Infrastructures for the independent legal body for public good - Groupement d’Intérêt Public (GIP) Paris 2024 -  was invited to participate at the closing session of the biennial. She spoke about the developments to be brought about by the 2020 schedule defined by the IOC and thus presented the future heritage the games will bring to citizens: 

  • spatial heritage: the Olympic and Paralympic village and the Media village which will form two new areas close to new Grand Paris stations, the creation of an Olympic Aquatic Centre and the renovation of sports facilities to serve as practice centres,
  • intangible heritage: a more sports active society, a more inclusive society with more solidarity and as an environmental example.


Documents to download

  • Olympic and Paralympic Cities

    Format : pdf, 14.85 MB
  • Map of Olympic Sites and the Grand Paris Métro

    Format : pdf, 11.78 MB