2050 Map of Paris, climate, air and energy

2050 Map of Paris, climate, air and energy

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In the context of COP 21, the Paris Urbanism Agency published a collection of works, begun in 2013, that deals with climate, air and energy plans for Paris and the metropolis.

Among them the map “Paris 2050” was published, along with its accompanying dataviz (the area enlarged to encompass the inner ring of suburbs -la Petite Couronne-). They illustrate the potential and necessary transformation for the Grand Paris Metropolis to adapt successfully to climate change : pooling resources such as heat networks and thermal exchanges between buildings, processes which are sometimes very simple to undertake like transforming our streets, making good use of the air and sun, thermal exchanges between clean and dirty water which is often hotter.     

It is also a matter of being innovative and inventive so as to take advantage of the underground heat of basements, the coolness of terrasses, the potential offered by what exists already, recycling not only waste but things which have simply already been used and finding new sources within the city to contribute to the food provision and the health of citizens. Three Parisian street blocks serve as examples. Short texts illustrated by sketches indicate the future action to be taken: to find within the capital an increasing part of energy and food resources, to adapt the city to heat waves, to master electric vehicles and to stimulate a circular economy.


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    2050 Map of Paris, climate, air and energy

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