23rd November 2016 - Paris&Co and Apur present the 1st Atlas of Parisian and Metropolitan Innovation Places

Atlas of Parisian and Metropolitan Innovation Places
Paris and Greater Paris - Métropole du Grand Paris - see new places of innovation, new practices and new methods emerge every day. This atlas portrays the present-day situation of these innovative sites on a metropolitan scale and proposes numerous lines of thought on how these spaces in the city could be transformed.
In 2016, over 110 business incubators, nurseries and accelerators were listed in the metropolis, three-quarters of which were created after 2010. Almost 90 co-working spaces have appeared since 2008 and over 45 digital manufacturing workshops have recently been created. Giant structures have also emerged: Le Cargo (15,000m2) and soon La Halle Freyssinet (34,000 m2). “The innovation landscape is constantly evolving and it is important to understand its potential and challenges. This involves first of all listing and mapping the different key players on a metropolitan scale before developing the analysis tools to real-time at the service of businesses and local authorities”, explained Loïc Dosseur, Co-managing Director of Paris&Co.
The presentation of the study will highlight the rich diversity of existing structures which form a supportive infrastructure throughout the metropolis. At a local level, the identity of these structures are often profoundly linked to their history, the community they belong to and the characteristics of the neighbourhood where they are established. The map-making work renders visible the concentration and synergies and helps one to form both a local and global vision. “In addition to the maps, the study describes the new methods the city is subject to and that it supports. They are already changing our way of living in and of building our city” underlines Dominique Alba, managing Director of Apur.
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