2nd Metropolitan "Nuit de la Solidarité" - Night of 26th to 27th January 2023

This study presents the results of a procedure coordinated by the Greater Paris - Grand Paris Metropolis - in liaison with 27 voluntary municipalities.

NDLS 2023 MGP © Guillaume Bontemps - Ville de Paris

The Night of Solidarity - la Nuit de la Solidarité - is an operation that counts the number of homeless people in a particular area, on a given night. The City of Paris has carried out this counting procedure since 2018. An experimental count was carried out in nine municipalities of Grand Paris Metropolis on the night of 20th to 21st January 2022.

The operation was repeated for a 2nd Metropolitan Night of Solidarity on 26th January 2023, with 27 municipalities volunteering to partake. Among them, the nine municipalities which took part in 2022 all decided to participate again. Apur has been involved in the procedure since it began and analyses the results.

619 homeless people were met in the 27 participating communes during the counting procedure, 150 of whom were in a family camp in Bobigny.

A large proportion of the people met that night were in groups of five or more people. People with no accommodation are unevenly distributed, varying from one municipality to another. Half (50%) of those questioned said they sleep in a sheltered place (tents, cars, carparks, buildings, cellars, stations, underground and RER stations, shopping centres, buses, bus shelters and hospitals.)

The profiles of homeless people are also diverse, this is shown by the results of the questionnaire given to the people who were met. The responses gathered, highlight an overall limited use of the facilities and services available as well as needs which are not addressed.

These results will be confirmed on future Nights of Solidarity. A third metropolitan count will be organised in 2024.

This year’s operation took place alongside a 6th Night of Solidarity in Paris. The results of the operation are the subject of a specific study.

Infographie - 2e édition de la Nuit de la Solidarité Métropolitaine - Nuit du 26 au 27 janvier 2023 © Apur


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    2nd Metropolitan "Nuit de la Solidarité" - Night of 26th to 27th January 2023

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    Homeless people in Paris and the Greater Paris - Grand Paris - on the night of 26th-27th January 2023

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    Results of the Night of Solidarity on 26th January 2023 in Paris and 27 municipalities in the Greater Paris - Grand Paris Metropolis -

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