Access to social housing in 2018

May 2020, last updated 26 January 2021
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249,671 households are registered as applicants for social housing in Paris, after having renewed their application or applied for the first time in 2018. Among these households, 135,169 are Parisian. 10,144 applicants were allocated social housing, among which 26.6% were considered to be priority cases.

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Volume 1: Social housing demand and supply

The study describes the supply of social housing within the boundaries of Paris and analyses the characteristics of applicant households: period since application registered, geographic origins, profile (family make-up, income, professional situation, age) and housing conditions.   

The 2020 publication includes two important new elements:

  • The analysis of “priority” housing applicants, as defined by the State, based on Ile-de-France DRIHL (Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Housing and Accommodation) data published for the first time in 2019 (database “Access to housing and eviction prevention”) which enables this sub-population of housing applicants to be described. 
  • An analysis of how the population of housing applicants has evolved over a long period of time (1995-2018). This makes it possible to study the development of the number of applicants, the occupational status of applicant households, the make-up of families, the size of applicant households, and the income level of applicants. 

The data analysed in the present study are accessible via a specifically dedicated interactive tool

Volume 2: Allocation of social housing (published in January 2021)

The study describes the allocation of family housing in Paris by social landlords during the year 2018, based on 3 sources of information: the Directory of the Rented Social Housing Stock (RPLS 2019), the database “Access to housing and eviction prevention” - published by DRIHL Ile-de-France in 2019 and the results of surveys specifically carried out by Apur in 2019 on housing allocated from 2017 to 2018.

In 2020, these data enabled unprecedented analyses to be carried out on the characteristics of housing allocated (location in Paris, financing category, level of rent, typology) and the characteristics of applicants who benefit from it (length of time the application had been pending, family make-up, level of ressources, previous housing situation, “priority” nature of the application, income level, characteristics of previous occupant of the housing and the appointing body for the allocation under examination). 

Presentation video of the results of Part 1 of the study by Jean-François Arènes, Project Manager:


Infographie - Accès au logement social à Paris en 2018 © Apur


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  • Study

    Access to social housing in 2018 - Volume 1: Social housing demand and supply

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  • Access to social housing in Paris in 2018 - Main key figures

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  • Study

    Access to social housing in 2018 - Volume 2: Allocation of social housing (published in January 2021)

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