Access to social housing in Paris in 2015

Access to social housing in Paris
Part 1: Social housing supply and demand in 2015
Part 2: Social housing allocations in 2015
On January 1st, 2015, there were 221,917 Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU) social housing units in Paris, representing 19.1% of main residences in the city. The combined number of assisted and affordable accommodation units managed by social housing associations was 265,000 units. But the low rate of turnover registered in the stock of social housing in Paris, 4.3% for 2015, seriously curtails the amount of accommodation available for allocation.
Compared to the limited amount of housing on offer, the number of housing applications is extremely high in a context where the process for applying for housing is changing and becoming regional: in Ile-de-France in 2015, 219,532 households, of which 128,536 were Parisian, renewed or put in their first application and gave Paris as one of their preferred locations. Over 11% of Parisian households have applied for social housing in Paris. This report analyses in particular the applicants living within the boundaries of the new districts defined by urban policy in Paris (Nouveaux Quartiers de la Politique de la Ville - NQPV).
In 2015, over 12,700 households applying for social housing were allocated accommodation in Paris, a slight increase in the figure for 2014. Over a third of these allocations were made by housing organisations from the City of Paris contingency housing reserve (32,2%), and nearly one allocation in five was made by the Paris Prefecture out of the “25% social housing” and “5% civil servants” reserve quotas (19,6%).
As in previous years, the report also reviews how the Enforceable Right to Housing (Droit au logement opposable – DALO) and the Collective Departmental Agreement have been applied in Paris.
NB: the 2015 report includes information regarding the cotation (points system), a summary of the information contained in the file of each household application, implemented in Paris since October, 2014. The points awarded to each housing application are calculated using the computerised demand management app administered by the City of Paris. The City of Paris is using this points system information from now on to match demands for housing with the housing in the stock made available by social landlords, and to select potential tenants. The analysis of the 219,532 active applications draws on this points system and the characteristics of 4,096 households designated level 1 over the period from October 1st to the end of March 2016 by using the points system tool, analysed in this report.


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  • Access to social housing in Paris – Part 1 : Supply and demand of social housing in 2015

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