Access to social housing in Paris – Analysis of the demand for social housing and review of offers and allocation of social housing in Paris in 2013

Access to social housing in Paris in 2013


On January 1st, 2013, there were 207,684 Solidarity and Urban Renewal-SRU- social housing units in Paris, representing 17.9% of main residences in the city. Taken as a whole, the number of assisted and mid-range housing units was over 260,000. But the low turnover rate recorded for this sector of the housing stock, 4.6% on January 1st, 2013, imposed considerable constraints on the number of units  that could be allocated.
In contrast to the limited amount of social housing on offer, the number of housing applications was particularly high in a context where the process for applying for housing had changed and become regional: in 2013, 134,375 households renewed or put in their first application to the City of Paris housing departments. About 9% of Parisian households applied for social housing in Paris.
In 2013, approximately 12,000 households were allocated accommodation in Paris, a figure slightly lower than in 2012.  Over a third of these allocations were made by housing organisations from the City of Paris quota (34.2%), and nearly one allocation in five was made by the Paris Prefecture out of the 25% social housing and 5% civil servants reserve quotas (19.3%). The other allocations came either from the quotas of employers and organisations collecting the 1% contribution (16.1%), from State provision for civil servants (specific agreements laid down in the CCH) (7.6% of total allocations), other reserving parties (about 7%) and also from social housing organisations’ own quotas (14.7%).
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