Alleviating urban heat islands - Book n°5: Project design methods and tools

Urban heat islands and projects, Book 5, a practical guide

Rue du Temple seen from Place de la République © Apur – Julien Bigorgne

Since the first City of Paris Climate Plan was adopted in 2007 and in order to assist Parisian and metropolitan policy makers, Apur has carried out a series of works aimed at identifying  urban fabrics’ potential to adapt to the climate changes underway.

In this context, Apur produced four books specifically addressing the issue of urban heat islands:

This fifth book deals with taking urban heat islands (UHI) into consideration during the initial design phases of urban projects. This document, which is based on the four previous books, proposes a methodological basic which gives explicit information about some design tools pertaining to UHIs. It endeavours to offer architects, urbanists and their project managers ways for integrating the climate issue, right from the first drafts of a project. However one should not assume that a design principle will exist that provides a climatically virtual city.
This book offers assistance to designers and a safeguard against the errors which can very often be observed today.


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    Alleviating urban heat islands - Book n°5: Project design methods and tools

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  • The impact of an urban microclimate on the development of trees compared with those in a forest environment, by F. Freytet

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