AMI - Urban waterway logistics - Along the course of the Seine

The officiel launching of the call for action of interest (AMI - ) “Urban waterway logistics along the course of the Seine”, which submits 34 sites to the proposals of project leaders, took place on 7th April 2022 at STIL in Villepinte in the presence of the City of Paris, Grand Paris, the metropolises of Rouen and Le Havre as well as Haropa Port and Voies Navigables de France.
As part of the AMI collective approach, Apur is a member of the steering committee and the technical committee. Together with all the partners, it has put together a presentation dossier of the 34 sites.

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The AMI’s objective is to develop decarbonised urban fluvial logistics. This initiative forms the first stage, aimed at identifying players wishing to develop river freight linked to last kilometre logistics. It is also intended to encourage the emergence of innovative projects that provide services to densely urbanised areas while also decarbonising the transportation of goods. Loading companies, logisticians, transporters, platform managers, planners, builders, boat-owners etc.  are called upon to participate alone or as a group.

34 port sites (28 in Greater Paris - Grand Paris - four in Rouen, two in Le Havre, most of which are presented by Haropa Port), all existing but which are under exploited or could be transformed, are submitted to project developers. In Grand Paris Metropolis, the sites are mainly shared-use quays lying along both banks of the Seine, which could therefore be used to provide local deliveries of goods from warehouses. Apart from the transportation aspect, the expected solutions could bring a spacial simplification and economy to facilities, a mixed or reversible use of quays, conservation of the environment or architectural and landscape integration.


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