Analysis of the demand for social housing and evaluation of proposed and allocated social housing in Paris in 2010

étude - têtière actu - L'accès au logement social APBROPA803_11

Paris had 186,917 social housing units SRU (Urban Solidarity and Renewal ) on January 1st, 2010, i.e. 16.3% of principal residences.

The number of households registered in the Parisian files of demands for housing reached 121,937 by December 31st 2010, a rise of 2.1% compared to 2009. The rise in demand is as much due to the registration of non-Parisians (+1,206) as Parisians (+1,264). The changes recorded in the profile of those demanding over the last 10 or so years are continuing: the proportion of eligible households applying for PLUS (Social housing funding, loan and benefit system -Prêt Locatif à Usage Social-) social housing remains high (92.3%) in spite of the lowering of resource ceilings in June 2009; the percentage of households lodged in temporary conditions, in hotels, hostels or housing centres is rising.

In 2008, the legal entitlement to housing was enshrined in the DALO housing law -Le Droit au Logement Opposable-. By December 31st, 2010, 35,748 appeals,  aimed at getting housed had been filed at the Paris Prefecture, of which 31,593 were examined by the Mediation Committee. Of these, 18,027 received a favourable decision and, since the enactment of the law, 1,885 households have been effectively re-housed within the framework of the DALO procedure and of the prefectural quota, of which 900 were dealt with in 2010 alone. If the number of households re-housed by other reserving bodies is included, at least 3,459 households recognised as having priority have been re-housed within the framework of the DALO procedure, since the law was passed.

This study presents a report of social housing allocations. The number of households benefiting from a housing allocation in Paris is estimated at 12,500 in 2010. A low turnover of tenants limits the number of housing units available for new households. In fact, the turnover in social housing in Paris  is particularly low (5.5% in 2010).

Finally, the situation of disabled applicants for housing is the object of a separate analysis.


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