Another kind of city - citizen initiatives, temporary urbanism, public innovations, digital platforms

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The double expansion of both the digital revolution and citizen involvement leads to the emergence of new modes of action in the city. Public authorities develop tools to regenerate citizen participation and the range of key players. Collectives take over the organisation of brownfield sites reinventing them with new uses and functions. The rise of power among the civil society brings concrete responses to urban issues as much online as offline. 
Based on interviews with key players involved in these areas of activity, this study lists and describes initiatives developed in the Greater Paris -Métropole du Grand Paris- along these lines of action. Each chapter is divided into four parts : a synthesis summarising the issues plus information, tool-files describing the initiatives and the necessary elements for them to be carried out, maps, and an article by one of the key players involved giving an overall vision of the various aspects of the initiative.
These initiatives share the fact that they are mainly centred around the use of these spaces. They lead to an opening up to new key players and contribute to developing modes of functioning. The study sketches out numerous issues:  the evolution of the legal framework which seems ill-adapted, the necessity of support systems for the services necessary when setting up new projects and the particular issue of economic sustainability for the key players of temporary urbanism. Lastly, defining quantitative as well as qualitative indicators seems important in order to heighten awareness of the economic, social, environmental and cultural consequences of these undertakings.  The assessment of projects makes it possible to gauge their value and for them to be developed in the most pertinent manner for the territory. 


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  • Another kind of city - citizen initiatives, temporary urbanism, public innovations, digital platforms

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