Apur'Café #1: 1.8 million people in Grand Paris live in cramped housing

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For the past 20 years, the number of households living in overcrowded conditions has risen in Métropole du Grand Paris. This study draws up the profile of households concerned and sheds light on the main underlying reasons. 

Over-occupancy and more generally the comfort of housing appears as a major social and human issue at a time when, the health crisis linked to COCID-19 kept 67 million French people under lockdown, 7 million of which live in Grand Paris and were confined to their homes.

Apur'Café : 1,8 million d'habitants du Grand Paris à l'étroit dans leur logement

Study and presentation by: 

  • Stéphanie Jankel, Research Manager – Urbanist
  • Sandra Roger, Project Manager – Statistician

This document was also produced in collaboration with the cartographer Anne Servais.


Documents to download

  • Presentation of the webconférence #1: 1.8 million people in Grand Paris live in cramped housing

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  • Note

    1.8 million inhabitants in the Greater Paris -Grand Paris- live in cramped housing

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  • Provisional program of web conferences

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