Apur'Café #21: Day-to-day “essential” workers in Ile-de-France

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Apur’s first Apur’café of the academic year, on 23rd September 2021, presented  “Day-to-day essential workers in Ile-de-France”.

The presentation was based on two notes published in July 2021, produced in partnership with the French National Institute for Statistical and Economic Studies (INSEE), the Paris Region Institute and the Ile-de-France Regional Health Observatory (ORS) : the first focuses on the profiles and living and working conditions of essential workers, the second on their place of residence and workplace.

With contributions by:

  • Jean-François Arènes, Project Manager at Apur, economist - statistician
  • Martin Wolf, Research Analyst at Apur, urbanist

Publication carried out by :

  • Stéphanie Jankel, Émilie Moreau, Jean-François Arènes, Martin Wolf (Apur)
  • Marie Acs, Joseph Chevrot (INSEE)
  • Sandrine Beaufils, Anne-Claire Davy, Pascale Leroi (Paris Region Institute)
  • Maylis Telle-Lamberton (Ile-de-France Regional Health Observatory)

Mapping and statistical processing:

  • Anne Servais, map-maker


Documents to download

  • Webinar

    Presentation of the webconférence #21 : Day-to-day “essential” workers in Ile-de-France

    Format : pdf, 2.09 MB