Apur'Café #22: Mobility developments in Greater Paris - Grand Paris -

© Apur

The presentation is based on the study on Mobility Changes in Grand Paris published in June 2021.
In the light of projects underway and the change of approach linked to the health crisis, Apur documented the evolution of mobility over 45 years (1976-2021) to understand the situation better and to imagine future mobility in Grand Paris Metropolis.

With contributions by:

  • Patricia Pelloux, Deputy Director of Apur
  • Pauline Chazal, Project Manager at Apur 

Publication carried out by:

  • Pauline Chazal, Project Manager
  • Vincent Nouailhat, Research Analyst
  • Under the direction of Patricia Pelloux
  • With the assistance  of Anaïs Lo Pinto, Research Analyst
  • and Sandra Roger, Project Manager, Statistician

Map-making and statistical processing:

  • Christine Delahaye, cartographer


Documents to download

  • Webinar

    Presentation of the webconference #22 : Mobility developments in Greater Paris - Grand Paris -

    Format : pdf, 97.12 MB