Apur'Café #3: Elements of analysis and information on the Parisian economy

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In the context of the crisis linked to Covid19, elements of an analysis and information about the Parisian economy have been gathered to provide material for both the Parisian and metropolitan recovery plans and more broadly for all key players involved.
Carried out by the Paris Urbanism Agency (Apur) and the City of Paris Department of Attractiveness and Employment - Direction de l’attractivité et de l’emploi - (DAE), this document draws on different data sources and is based on first exchanges with institutional partners and economic players. 
The results show Paris to have been more affected by the lockdown measures than the rest of Ile-de-France, due to the way jobs in Paris are structured: loss of jobs (calculated on the GDP which is the total sum of value added by companies) is estimated at -37.5% in Paris, compared with -37.2% in Ile-de-France. Among sectors represented more in Paris than in Ile-de-France and in France as a whole, there are three sectors which form the Parisian identity, which were particularly affected: community services (216,000 jobs, 12% of Parisian jobs,), culture (171,000 jobs, approximately 10%), shops, accommodation and catering (320,000 jobs, that is approximately 16%).   
The analysis of the measures put in place by the State and Regional authorities, shows that they are playing their role of absorbing the shock, however, for some companies these measures are insufficient. In addition to these measures, Métropole du Grand Paris and the City of Paris have also announced plans for specific aid.



Study and presentation by:

  • Stéphanie Jankel, Research Director - Urbanist
  • Emilie Moreau, Research Director - Urbanist

This document was also carried out by:

  • Bruno Bouvier, Researcher - Geographer
  • François Mohrt, Project Manager - Urbanist
  • Sophie Renouvel, Project manager - Urbanist
  • Marina Ribeiro, Socio-economic Researcher
  • Sandra Roger, Project Manager - Statistician
  • Anne-Marie Villot, Project Manager - Urbanist

with the contribution of Jean-Baptiste Delapierre - City of Paris DAE


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    Elements of analysis and information on the Parisian economy

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