Apur's catalogue of reference data

Catalogue of Apur's technical data
For over forty years Apur has built up and enriched a reference database and cartography tools. This data is constantly evolving thanks to numerous partners and new IT tools. Since 2010 Apur has been particularly involved with setting up a database project and developing tools which makes it possible to address questions concerning the overall landscape.
This progression and expansion of the reference database onto a metropolitan scale necessitates that a catalogue and an atlas, which brings together all the relevant information, be made available to all those involved in the evolution of Paris and the metropolis.
The present catalogue is a collection of Apur's geographical reference data organised in a geographic information system (GIS). It describes, in graphically illustrated files, the different layers available in the Apur GIS referential and specifies the geographical area: Paris, Paris and the inner ring of suburbs - Petite Couronne- and beyond the Petite Couronne.
The repository  defines Paris and the inner ring of suburbs with varying degrees of coverage depending on the theme and boundaries of a study. Through its studies, Apur increases the quality of this collected data by crossing themes, geometric coherence, structuring and, of course, documentation.
The cartographic atlas, which is planned to be ready for distribution at the end of 2012 will contribute to an increasing awareness of the metropolis,  enriching projects carried out by the different actors and will thus participate in building a common metropolitan identity.
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