Arc de l’Innovation - Analysis of the socio-economic context

2.7 million inhabitants in the Communes of the Arc de l’Innovation, representing 39% of the population of Greater Paris - Métropole du Grand Paris -.

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The innovation arc - Arc de l’Innovation - is a metropolitan project launched in 2015 by the City of Paris and the Est Ensemble territories, Plain Commune and Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre. It is articulated around a community of places and innovating key players. The project aims to contribute to the economic development of the Greater Paris eastern areas which form an arc along the Boulevard Périphérique, where a numerous working class areas are concentrated.

The study paints a portrait of the economic and social situation in the Arc de l’Innovation Communes and proposes a collection of quantified data on the people who live and work there.
The population of the Arc de l’Innovation territory has grown, and developed the assets of being widely diverse with a large percentage of young people. 2.7 million inhabitants live there, 1.5 million of whom work and are aged between 15 and 64. In addition to this the workforce is becoming more and more highly qualified and holding degrees.

These averages hide large social disparities within the territories, the trend being for this gap to widen. Economic and social difficulties are more concentrated in the the northern and eastern territories, particularly within priority neighbourhoods. Instability and unemployment are high. One young person out of ten aged between 15 and 24 is unemployed and not studying (40,000 young people).

The Arc de l’Innovation forms a major metropolitan area of high employment with its 1.5 million jobs. The distribution of different jobs per sector is close to metropolitan averages, however one can note specificities within each Commune. Gaps between high employment areas and labour pool areas can be seen in certain territories both in terms of volume and socio-professional profiles.

An increasingly high proportion of new economies are developing in the Arc Communes, particularly in the digital sector, creative industries and innovating and inclusive economies. New spaces are emerging that support innovation and entrepreneurship which encourage this dynamic:  53% of business incubators, startups and accelerators, digital manufacturing workshops and co-working spaces in the metropolis are concentrated in the territory.


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