Assessing the implementation of territorial reform in the metropolitan space of Greater Paris -Grand Paris

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The two laws MAPTAM ( Modernisation of Territorial Public Action in Metropolises) and NOTRe (New Territorial Organisation of the Republic) have generated a profound upheaval in Ile-de-France which affect the administrative and territorial organisation through the revision of the intercommunal map and the resulting skills and competence requirements. Created by the Métropole du Grand Paris, Public Territorial Establishments (EPT), Public Establishments of Intercommunal Cooperation (EPCI), they strengthen the role played by regions and inter-communalities and suppress of the general clause of competence etc.  

On the eve of the debate which will address institutional evolution, the representatives of the Greater Paris Metropolitan Forum -Forum Métropolitain du Grand Paris- wish to carry out an initial assessment of the setting up of the territorial reform. It aims to evaluate its instigation by shedding light on its basic principals, the difficulties and blockage points met by key players and the future evolution planned by public authority representatives.

The study, carried out in collaboration with the Grand Paris Metropolitan Forum and the Ile-de-France Urban Development Institute, IAU-idf, is based on a survey made up of two complementary parts.

  • A quantitative part which sent a questionnaire to the Directors General of the Departments of Public Territorial Establishments (EPT), Public Establishments for Intercommunal Cooperation (EPCE) and Ile-de-France Communes structured around 5 themes dealing with the distribution of competences, human resources, financial integration, governance,  capital gain and the difficulties the reform has met (open-ended questions).
  • A qualitative part gathered by interviewing public authority and administrative representatives on the same themes.


The study is based on a the transcription of 40 interviews and an analysis of 108 questionnaires which is completed by other public data and urbanism agency products.

The study was carried out between the months of April and September 2017 and presented at the Meeting of the Board of the Grand Paris Metropolitan Forum.


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    Assessing the implementation of territorial reform in the metropolitan space of Greater Paris -Grand Paris

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